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Long-Term Exhibitions

Learn more about our long-term exhibition, "Native Americans of the Wyoming Valley."

Changing Exhibitions

Our changing exhibitions focus on fascinating topics related to local history in Luzerne County.

Online Exhibitions

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Luzerne County Local History

Our exhibitions explore the local history of our area, from prehistoric settlement to the Revolutionary War, from anthracite coal mining to the present day. Drawn from our collection of more than 200,000 objects, documents and books, we tell the stories of local people and events, while making connections to the present day. In addition to our gallery exhibitions, we also have a variety of interesting and noteworthy items from our collection on view at the Library and Museum, as well as online exhibitions drawn from our collection.

Native American Indian Exhibition

Long-term exhibitions

Native Americans in the Wyoming Valley

A long-term exhibition on the Native Americans of the Wyoming Valley includes local artifacts ranging from stone implements of the Archaic period to the archeological evidence of European influence. Marvel at a dugout canoe that was found in Luzerne County. Learn about Frances Slocum, who was kidnapped as a five-year-old in 1778 from her Wilkes-Barre home and lived her life among the Native Americans. Think about the skill needed to make the stone tools on view for cooking, hunting and building.

Changing exhibitions

The Battle of Wyoming at 240:

Revolution on the Homefront

Revolution on the Homefront (through July 2019) – the exhibition remembers one of the bloodiest American defeats of the Revolutionary War.  It looks at the massacre as well as the exodus from the Valley afterwards. Learn about how this terrible day shaped the Wyoming Valley for generations to come.

“Mysterious Customs and Warm Charity”:

Fraternal Organizations in the Wyoming Valley

Explore the history of fraternal organizations in our area, including Freemasonry and the Odd Fellows. How did these groups start? What do they do? What do the symbols mean? Learn about how fraternal history is intertwined with American and local history.

Online Exhibitions

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