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Child Labor Laws and Their Effect on the Coal Mining Industry

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Allison Spencer, the Society’s Summer 2019 intern and a candidate for a Master’s in Library and Information Science at Drexel University. Allison scanned and cataloged a large collection of the Society’s mining-related photos and other images. Here she writes about an image that she found particularly interesting.…

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Wilkes-Barre’s Comic Book Grail – Joe Palooka #1

What’s your favorite hobby? Does it have any insider jargon? Most hobbies do. Comic book collecting is no different; its most common bit of jargon may be “grail.” Collectors will often ask each other, “What’s your grail?” Or an excited collector will exclaim, “I finally found my grail!” In comic book terms, a grail is…

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Did You Know that Wilkes-Barre Had a Palm House?

Shortly after I started as Executive Director of LCHS, I came across an image of Wilkes-Barre’s “palm house.”  I was fascinated. “How cool!,” I thought, “What were the circumstances for that, and what happened to it?” However, as I started to look around in order to learn more, it was a bit more challenging than…

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